65 year old female with Rutherford Class V, has had ulcer on and off for 5 years, told only option was amputation - Intervention

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Case #5: January 5, 1300
Performing physicians: Mustapha/Walchak
65-year-old female with Rutherford Class V, patient has had ulcer on and off X 5 years, told only option was amputation.
Physical exam: Pain in both feet and severe discoloration, R toe with fresh wound from trauma yesterday, ambulates with a cane, wheelchair for longer distances,
PMH: CAD, PAD, dyslipidemia, DM Type II, ESRD on dialysis, CHF-diastolic, CLI, HTN
• Arterial:
1. 90% stenosis of the L popliteal artery.
2. Two-vessel disease anterior tibial and peroneal on the L side with two to three-vessel runoff.
3. One-vessel severe disease on the R side off the PT trunk and the TP trunk with three-vessel runoff.
JAMs treatment plan:
• Feet first
• Stick left upper groin antegrade
• 5F Terumo MicroSheath
• 7F Terumo Pinnacle Destination
• Advantage wire
• SilverHawk the popliteal
• Open the PT CTO
• Navicross 0.018 or Glidecross 0.18
• R leg for Diamondback

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Jihad A. Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI

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Director of Peripheral Intervention & Cardiovascular Research

Metro Health Hospital

Wyoming, Michigan