Left SFA CTO with antegrade and retrograde crossing with NaviCross. Discussion regarding Supine Popliteal access - Intervention

Posted: 7/23/2014

A 72-year-old male patient with long standing history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension presented with critical limb ischemia in the lower left extremity. There was gangrene in the big toe and significant skin breakdown at the heel area. Physical examination showed 1+ right and 3+ left femoral pulses. Popliteal and distal pulses were non-palpable.

SFA CTO with atherectomy using NaviCross and Viance Catheter - Intervention

Posted: 7/23/2014

A 66-year-old male patient presented with a large non-healing wound and exposed bone at the base of the right great toe for almost 9 months. The patient previously received a superficial femoral artery stent for a diabetic foot ulcer.

86 year old female admitted for CLI for limb salvage, former smoker. - Introduction

Posted: 3/13/2012

Case #2: January 4, 1100Performing physicians: Mustapha/Saab 85-year-old female admitted for CLI for limb salvage. Former smoker. PMH: Hyperlipidemia, HTN, DM Type II, CAD, PAD, atrial fibrillation, interstitial lung disease.

53 year old male inpatient for CLI, ambulates with cane, left foot in a cast, right foot with dry gangrene and necrotic toes. - Full Case

Posted: 3/14/2012

Case #3: January 4, 1300Performing physicians: Mustapha/Saab 53-year-old male inpatient for CLI, ambulates with cane, L foot in a cast, R foot with dry gangrene and necrotic toes.PMH: dyslipidemia, obesity, IDDM, HTN, neuropathy, nephropathy (ESRD: dialysis M-W-F), CAD, PAD, TIA, CHF.Diagnostics: